Florina-Alexandra Cristea

Senior Technical Recruitment Consultant / Career Facilitator / Career Coach / D&I & Neurodiversity Ambassador / ADHD Advocate

I highly recommend Martin as a career and life coach. In just one session, he helped me to unlock my potential and gain clarity on my professional path. Martin's approach is authentic, kind, and empowering. He provided me with valuable insights and held me accountable without making me feel burdened. Throughout our discussions, Martin demonstrated a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills that surpassed my expectations. He has the ability to help you identify your purpose and develop a plan for success. If you have a coachable mindset, you will be amazed by the progress you can make in just a few sessions with Martin.

Doctoral Student in Missing People, Humanitarian Expert in Global Disasters, Crisis Management & Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)

Well, if you are looking silence your inner critic and enter into a new and exciting phase of your professional career, then look no further than Martin. He is a leader in his field and a true pioneer!! 


Dr. Jacqueline Smith; 

Educator, Training Professional, and Social Change Research Fellow

Glorious news, Marty Martin! They chose me for the position! Yeah!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The BIG MC has done it again for someone...me!!!!

Your information on the STAR(L) model, the lighting for the computer webcam, and "this is a conversation" to show how I can articulate your skills and compatibility to the organization was spot on. The videos helped along with practicing, practicing, practicing. All of this helped me to garner my thoughts to be calm and comfortable talking about myself and what I could bring to the table.

Sometimes interviews can be a "dread" and appear to be a game, but often it is not about the questions that are asked but the tone, inflictions, and the personality that will come through in the answers to the questions. An applicant will not really know all the answers to the interview questions asked, but the #COMPETENCYBASEDINTERVIEWS structure helps to articulate your answers perfectly.

I think the CV/resume gets you in the door. The #Competency-Based Interview gets you the job/career.

Thanks again
Dr. Jacqueline Smith

Patrizia S. Zary, MBA, MEd;

Senior Strategic Leader at Western Governors University

It's my great pleasure to recommend Martin Cunningham.

In preparing my Ph.D. research activities I approached Martin as a subject matter expert to review some aspects in terms of competency-based interviews.

Martin's enthusiasm, positive energy, and coaching led and helped me identify concrete next steps and the right actions toward my dissertation goal.

His expertise in competency-based coaching provided valuable suggestions on how to improve my research study.

He helped me understand, develop, and align the interview questions for my phenomenological study of leadership competencies.

Martin is a fully dedicated expert in leadership competency.

His diverse approaches to new challenges help promote new perspectives and provide timely, actionable and focused feedback.

He is clearly an expert in his field!

Annie O'Reilly; 

Co-Counsel at Kosovo Specialist Chambers

Utterly committed to getting his clients where they need to be, Martin exhibits a rare combination of excellent judgment, patience, empathy, and unrelenting rigour.

I started working with Martin when I couldn't get past the first round of pupillage interviews for the bar. He was able to sort that out very quickly with some very tangible pointers on how I was presenting.

He's a good listener, who gives his clients time to get out their story while maintaining focus on the big picture.

Not only was he able to give me advice on my interview technique and presentational skills, he was also able to provide invaluable substantive input.

He brings a wealth of experience in career mentoring, interview skills, and the rule of law and justice sectors.

If you've been banging your head against a brick wall for years, or just need that push to get you from good to great, Martin's your guy. 

Pavel Dushkov; 

Expert at Law enforcement

The course that Martin offers provides deep and profound knowledge alongside with some practical tips.

There is plenty of information around about how to prepare for a job interview but it's very rare to see such a structural and detailed approach.

Strongly recommend!

Adrian Payne; 

Managing Director at GAP Risk Consulting & Consultant at Eddistone Consulting

I have known Martin for many years and worked with him whilst we both served with Kent Police. 
Martin recently provided me with some excellent advice and guidance as I commenced setting up my own business. Set me off with a bit of work to do but all so worthwhile. I cannot recommend enough Martin and the services he can offer. Definitely, a worthwhile investment for me and I am sure I will be seeking further guidance as I progress.

Pooja Kulkarni 

Emergency Management Advisor

Being thankful is a small word to describe my gratitude towards Martin. In such a short amount of time, he provided me with so much knowledge that I surpassed my own mental barriers. Martin is an empathetic and kind person, and he is on a personal growth journey which makes everyone around him grow into their best selves. I am truly thankful that I found Martin at the right time in my career. With his kindness and wisdom, I could see what I can do. My professional journey is just started and from now onwards, I know whom I can look up to when I need to take the next step. Talk to him once and you will know what I am talking about. 

Tristan Kluibenschadl; 

Neurodiverse Senior Manager - Serious and Complex Investigations consultant

After thirty years in the police I sought Martin’s help in order to recognise and translate my skill set to the outside world. He is engaging, friendly, inspirational and honest. A consummate professional with bundles of experience and expertise.

His advice and knowledge has been invaluable, from competencey based interview skills through to his mentoring and more.

Highly useful and highly recommended- Thank you Martin.

Paul Walker;

Criminal Investigator 


I sought guidance from Martin with regard to essay writing across a broad spectrum of subjects, including risk and threat management and terrorism related matters.

His knowledge and grasp of all matters is second to none and his ability to convey the key aspects in a clear and powerful way has proved invaluable and has set me on my journey of education in a way that I didn’t think possible at times.

I am extremely grateful and cannot recommend his application and communication skills highly enough.

Alina Matache; 

Independent Consultant, Rule of Law and Access to Justice

Martin was my direct supervisor in EULEX in the Strengthening Division. Working with him has been a truly rewarding experience as he was not only my mentor but as well my motivational coach. He was a force in the organisation, a relentless achiever with a clear roadmap and clear goals.

He possessed an undeniable understanding of the organisational culture, he knew how to drive people to give their best and how to be passionate about their job. Martin is definitely the right person to inspire you and to enable your professional development and career. 

European Diplomat - April 2022

A rising tide raises all ships. Using this parable, Martin Cunningham is a person who lifts you up with his patience and composure. As an excellent listener and emotionally intelligent coach, he easily spots where the heart of the problem is. These characteristics allow him to adjust to the various needs of the client, be it a professional or rather a personal development.

Martin is a visionary who understands that the quality of one's life, as well as of the future generations is being made now through our actions as individuals and collective. Therefore, he shares his insight and experience with passion and engagement; being very dedicated to the individual progress of every single person he coaches.

Martin has tailor-made tools to teach you how to pursue and systematically achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Not only does he provide the knowledge communicated in an accessible and understandable manner, but he also assists one on a daily basis throughout a period of time to make sure you advance on the path of self-development.

As for me, it has been a delightful journey toward self-assessment and self-discovery. I strongly believe it is worth embarking on such a journey and reaching one's potential.

Everyone is different, however, it is of vital importance to get to know your strengths and to learn how to utilise them for the benefit of all.

Brilliant, Dedicated and Compassionate, this is what Martin is like and there is no doubt whatsoever that with a small push from him, you can reach the top!

AI/Tech Human Rights specialist

“Martin transmits to his clients the skills he acquired over his career on how to best present your skills and added value for new positions.

He is a good listener, he pushes you out of your comfort zone by asking the right questions, he shows up when you need him even for boost sessions in between calls, which is awesome !

He takes a genuine interest in your development to achieve your goals taking the position of a coach here to help you be the best and express it correctly to the right audience.

His empathy and genuine passion for coaching executive professionals shows and it does make a huge difference.”


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Coaching provides guidance, support and challenge; the coachee is responsible for taking consistent, focused action in their own development and change. Coaching is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. If you are in any doubt, please consult your health professional.